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If you are looking for a family dentist in Holladay, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t find a more dedicated and compassionate team of dental professionals than those at Smart Dental Care.

Our family-friendly practice looks forward to keeping patients of all ages smiling thanks to our combination of a warm, welcoming atmosphere and passionate professionalism. No matter what oral care treatments you may be interested in, we aim to provide a comfortable and comprehensive experience.

With a dental team that has over a decade of combined experience, we can appreciate how important it is to be able to relax at a dental practice. Especially when it comes to family dentistry.

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Why General Dentistry is the Key to a Healthy Smile

There is no way to properly sum up just how hard-working our mouths are; the complex union of hard tissue like teeth to soft tissue like the tongue makes chewing and speech possible. Even our facial muscles benefit from a healthy jaw and a full set of teeth.

The immense amount of work our mouths provide for our daily lives is one of the main reasons proper dental health is so important. The loss of teeth can lead to a shift in your bite, gum disease can cause bone deterioration and that isn’t even considering the cosmetic impact of your smile!

Thankfully, general dentistry is a great, proactive approach to keeping your smile bright and your dental health at its peak. From routine dental exams that monitor oral health to professional cleanings that combat gum disease, our practice is here for you.

How Can My Family Benefit From Regular Dentistry?

Unlike restorative treatments like dental fillings which are a straightforward procedure, general dentistry is a combination of treatments designed to optimize dental health. The most common (and possibly most effective) routine dentistry technique is the dental checkup.

A dental checkup should be performed once every six months, especially for your little ones. This timing is important because each dental checkup will also include an in-depth exam.

With the advanced technology we use at Smart Dental Care, our examinations allow us to monitor any changes to your oral health. This allows us to prevent minor issues like tooth or gum infections.

In addition to these important exams, a dental checkup also includes a professional teeth cleaning. You can always count on this treatment to leave your mouth feeling fresh and provide your smile with an extra sparkle!

If you’ve got kiddos, an appointment every six months can be good for helping them develop the habits that will keep their mouths healthy for the rest of their lives.

Smart Dental Care: The Smart Choice for Family Dentistry

If you are a resident of Holladay or the surrounding Great Salt Lake area, you don’t need to search for a family-friendly dentistry anymore. Smart Dental Care pays special attention to making our practice an inviting space for every patient, no matter their age.

This makes every experience you have at our practice much more relaxing so you can focus on the benefits of the wonderful family dentistry treatments we offer. From dental examinations, filling in a cavity, or a quick crown placement, you can rest assured the experience will be as quick and comfortable as possible.

We also love kids! We know a lot of children can feel nervous in a dentist’s office, and we took careful consideration of that as we designed our clinic. It’s specifically designed with kids in mind! If you’re concerned about bringing your child to see us, please give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions and resolve your concerns.

What To Expect During Your Dental Exam

Dental cleanings and exams are recommended every six months. At Smart Dental Care, we combine thorough oral care techniques with the latest in dental technology, making dental examinations an enjoyable, streamlined, and reliable process.

How Do I Prepare for a Dental Examination?

As we mentioned, the dental examination process is a streamlined one. All you need to prepare for the examination is to review your recent medical history and any new medications you might be taking since your last visit. This information will help our dental team personalize a treatment plan for you if any procedures are necessary or desired.

If it’s your child’s first time coming to our office, it might be helpful for them if you let them know beforehand what the appointment will be like.

The Preliminary Examination

Your dental checkup will include an examination. Most patients are familiar with this process: you will take a seat in our dental chair as our dentist and their assistants check your teeth, tongue, and gums for any visible concerns. This will involve a light shined into your mouth and a dental mirror being used to observe every angle of your mouth.

The most common dental health risks that can be discovered at this stage are:

  • Cavities in your teeth.
  • Any cracked, chipped, or damaged teeth that may benefit from a crown.
  • Signs of tooth decay or infection.
  • Any visible sores on your tongue or gums.
  • Discoloration of your gums, which is a strong indicator of advancing gum disease.

Dental Imaging

Keeping accurate dental records is one of the greatest tools we have in maintaining your oral health. With accurate records, our dental team can observe any changes or irregularities that might be signs of dental health risks.

To keep a precise and accurate dental record, we use advanced dental imaging technology. This can include digital x-rays or Panoramic x-rays which allow us to collect information on your teeth, gums, and jaw. We also have access to cone-beam scanning technology, which can create a 3D model of your mouth for in-depth analysis.

Oral Cancer Screening

Routine dental checkups are important because they help detect any irregularities, including warning signs of oral cancer. Common warning signs for oral cancer include lesions, sores or ulcers, changes in salivary glands, and excessive, unexplained bleeding.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Having your teeth professionally cleaned has the great benefits of reducing gum disease, getting rid of dental detritus, and giving your teeth an extra polish. The professional cleaning process is a comprehensive and comfortable treatment. The cleaning process often goes as followed:

  • A Quick Inspection: Often carried out by a dental hygienist, the professional teeth cleaning process requires a quick inspection of your mouth. This is just a precaution to ensure that no cavities, inflammation, or sores are will make the cleaning process uncomfortable.
  • Removal of Plaque/Tartar: Next, our dental hygienist will use a combination of a dental mirror and a specialized tool called a scaler to remove any plaque or tartar. This is the film and hardened substance that often gathers at the base of your teeth, creating an increased risk of gum disease.
  • Professional Grade Brushing: Once any plaque or tartar has been removed, you will be treated to a professional-grade brushing. A unique type of toothpaste that is far more coarse than commercial toothpaste will be applied with a powerful, electric brush. This will polish your tooth enamel, removing any substances that be stuck to your teeth.
  • Final Step, Flossing: With all of the other steps complete, you will have a professional flossing performed by our dental hygienist. With the help of dental mirrors and lighting, they can make sure your gumline is clean and free of any dental detritus. This will process can make a huge difference in removing plaque from in between your teeth.

Why Our Patients Love Us:

“You will love this office! Family friendly, knowlegable staff, front desk is very helpful with insurance, great doctors, etc. You will love Smart Dental Care!”

Chelsey Lynn R.

What Issues Can Family Dentistry Resolve?

With family dentistry encompassing a wide variety of treatments, it is a great preventative measure against a wide range of oral health risks. The following is a list of some of the most common dental issues that family dentistry addresses.

Dental Cavities

Easily one of the most common dental issues, dental cavities are holes in the enamel of your teeth. The likely culprit of a dental cavity is harmful bacteria that compromise the integrity of a tooth. However, sugary drinks, excessive snacking, and bruxism (tooth grinding) can also contribute to cavities.

Family dentistry examinations are key in catching cavities early, which makes resolving the issue quite simple through techniques like dental crowns or fillings. If a cavity isn’t caught in the early stages, it can lead to an infection that puts not only the damaged tooth but the surrounding teeth at risk.

Dental Fillings

It is nearly impossible to discuss dental cavities without dental fillings, as one is a common oral health concern and the other is the resolution. When a dental cavity creates a hole in your tooth enamel, to prevent infection, that hole must be filled.

In the past, dental fillings were commonly made from silver amalgam. However, the modern dental filling is often made of a biocompatible material known as composite resin. Not only does composite resin allow for a more natural look, but it is also much more resilient to temperature changes that come from foods like ice cream or hot drinks.

Gum Disease

While gum disease in any stage can cause painful swelling of your gums, it is also a serious medical concern. The infections caused by periodontitis can severely damage the roots of your teeth, causing tooth loss and jawbone degeneration.

However, with routine dental checkups, stopping the advancement of gum disease is simple. We can help you keep your gums clean and healthy.


A “toothache” is often a catch-all term for many potential oral healthcare risks, usually summed up by pain coming from one or more teeth. If a toothache is simply causing dental discomfort, many tend to put treatment off, but if you are experiencing any tooth pain, contact our office quickly!

While a toothache can be caused by dental decay or dental trauma such as a fracture, it can also be a sign of a serious infection that can put your tooth at risk for removal.

Thankfully, no matter the cause of your toothache, family dentistry treatments can address it in the form of dental crowns, fillings, or procedures that specifically target infections. So don’t go another day with dental discomfort when you can find relief at Smart Dental Care!

Family Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

At Smart Dental Care, we can appreciate patients wanting to know as much as possible about their dental treatment. To help keep patients like you informed on the topic of family dentistry, we have created this FAQ section for your convenience. However, should you have further questions or want to know more, you can contact our practice by phone or email.

When Is the Right Time To See a Dentist?

The vast majority of oral healthcare professionals recommend seeing a dentist every six months. These routine checkups help with keeping your dental records current and also allow you and our dentists to become proactive in your dental treatment.

However, visiting us between these routine visits can also be important for your dental health. If one or more of the following conditions apply to you, consider scheduling a dental exam:

  • Discolored, swollen, or tender gums.
  • Excessive bleeding when brushing or flossing your teeth.
  • Noticeable change in your gumline, such as exposing an unusual amount of tooth.
  • Permanent teeth that feel loose or unstable in the socket.
  • A new sensitivity to hot drinks, cold dishes like ice cream, or sweets.
  • Dental discomfort along the jaw.
  • A persistent toothache.

How Should I Prepare for a Dental Visit?

Unless you are suffering from a dental emergency, when you make an appointment with us, it will be a consultation about what treatment would meet your personal, dental needs. If there is any specific information required for the consultation, you will be informed beforehand. Otherwise, simply review any recent medical information and any medication you are taking before arriving.

How Can I Prepare My Child for Their First Appointment?

For parents with small children about to cut their first tooth, it’s understandable to be concerned about how to prepare children for the dentist. We recommend bringing young children in very early, even as young as a one-year-old, so we can check up on their oral development.

Here’s a list of things you can do to make your child’s first appointment a success:

  • Inform them ahead of time, but not too far! If your kid doesn’t know what to expect, they could imagine some pretty crazy things about our office. Telling them the day of the appointment is a great way to give them enough notice without giving them time to stress themselves out.
  • Read books about the dentist, that show the experience in a positive light. Make it sound fun and exciting, and we promise we’ll deliver. We love helping kids have a great first visit with us because making it easy for them to come back will help their dental health so much.
  • Bring your child’s favorite toy to the office with you. Let them take a stuffed friend that will bring them comfort in a new and strange environment. All stuffed animals, toy trains, and dolls are welcome in our office. Whatever your child needs to be happy and at ease, we’ll do our best to work around it.

Dentistry for the Whole Family!

With over a decade of combined experience and dedication to the dental health of Holladay residents, Smart Dental Care has made it a goal to make your dental experience a comfortable one. To us, an informed patient is a comfortable patient, which is why we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about family dentistry.

Why Choose Smart Dental Care?

At Smart Dental Care, we want you to feel a warm, friendly atmosphere while knowing you are receiving the finest in oral care treatment. Creating healthy, beautiful smiles through compassionate and comprehensive dental care has been the goal for the professionals at Smart Dental Care since day one.

We can’t be any prouder of our incredible dental team and the treatment they have given residents throughout Salt Lake County. To learn about our amazing dentists and their professional accomplishments, check out our “About Us” pages.

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