Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a disruptive sleep condition that can leave you exhausted and lead to long-term health problems—and many people don’t even realize that they’re experiencing it!

This condition occurs when someone’s breathing starts and stops while they’re asleep. As you can imagine, it’s hard to rest easy when your breathing is so irregular. Sleep apnea has also been connected to high blood pressure as well as an increased risk of strokes, heart attacks, and more.

It’s important to start battling sleep apnea as soon as possible, and the first step is diagnosing it!

Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

Your dentist will always be the most qualified person to answer this question, but sleep apnea does have common signs and symptoms to look out for. If you experience more than one of the following, you may be experiencing sleep apnea.

  • Waking up tired, even after a full night’s sleep.
  • Loud snoring.
  • Waking up abruptly in the night, especially when accompanied by gasping or coughing.
  • A regular sore throat or dry mouth, particularly after waking up.
  • Difficulty staying awake and focused even after sleeping for several hours.

Any of these conditions can be disruptive on their own, so even if you aren’t experiencing the full list of symptoms, it’s a good idea to talk to your dentist. Relief might be easier than you expect!

How Is Sleep Apnea Treated?

In general, the best way to treat sleep apnea is to gently reshape an individual’s airway to make breathing easier. At our office we offer snore guards, which do exactly that!

With a snore guard, your airway will be unobstructed while you sleep, which can drastically reduce instances of breathing difficulties throughout the night.

If you believe you or a loved one might be suffering from sleep apnea, contact us today! We can help you get a restful night’s sleep again.