Implants are a game-changer for more reasons than one. If you’ve ever lost a permanent tooth, you know how distracting it can be to have a hole in your smile. For some people, it’s enough to make them hide their smiles and avoid cameras, which we believe no one should have to experience!

Dental implants can make your smile complete, and they can improve your jaw health as they do it. When a permanent tooth is lost, the jawbone underneath can begin to deteriorate, and the neighboring teeth may begin to shift in place to compensate for the empty socket. This can lead to crooked teeth and a misaligned bite.

An implant will keep your jaw strong and your teeth from shifting, while also restoring your smile to its natural state!

What Is the Implant Process?

If you need a tooth replaced, you first have to get a checkup from your dentist to see if an implant will work for you. Once you are approved, the next step is placing the dental implant, a small titanium post, in your jaw for the restored tooth to securely attach to.

Once your jaw has fully recovered from the implant surgery, we will use the implant to support a crown or replacement tooth that’s specifically designed for you, from its shape to its color.

Your implant will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth, and will be just as easy to care for. We use 3D technology to make sure our process is as accurate and customizable as possible from start to finish.

We Place and Restore Implants in Office

We not only restore dental implants, we can also place new implants right in our office! While other dentists might send you to a second location for the implants before you can get the replacement tooth restored, we take out that step and do everything in one place.

Your bite will be as strong and dependable as possible again, all in a way that’s convenient for you!

For Permanent Tooth Replacement and Restoration, Ask Us What Dental Implants Can Do for YOU!

If you’re missing one permanent tooth or several, contact us today! We can improve your smile and your dental health with our dependable implant technology.