Biggest Reasons You Need a Tooth Extraction

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While dental hygiene is pretty straightforward, dental complications are another story altogether. Procedures like tooth extractions are no walk in the park, but however complex it may be, it’s a necessary dental treatment that one must undergo.

Tooth extractions are a necessary part of maintaining dental health. If you leave it unattended, you may face a plethora of health concerns that won’t only affect your dental health but your overall physical health as well. Some reasons your urgent care dentist may recommend tooth extractions is if you have dental issues, such as impaction, tooth decay, gum disease, periodontal, overcrowding, and more. 

Although some dental issues can be avoided through preventative care, others happen by a matter of chance; that’s why it’s best to have your dentist check your teeth if you’re feeling discomfort all of a sudden. But if you’re still iffy about getting a tooth extraction, or if you’re curious to know why you need it, read on!

Reasons You’re Getting a Tooth Extraction

  • Impaction: When there is a growth of one tooth, and it pushes directly against another one, that’s tooth impaction. When this happens, your tooth is susceptible to infection and even causes red, tender, swollen, bleeding gums. It is also a painful dental issue, making it difficult for people to eat or open their mouths. This often happens because of wisdom tooth growth, and in most cases, it’s best to have it removed to prevent damage.
  • Tooth Decay: The build-up of plaque and tartar is what causes tooth decay. What happens here is the deposits eat your teeth’ enamel, making them brittle. When the condition develops, it can trigger infections, causing discomforts, such as pain, swelling, and even redness. When a tooth reaches this point, it’s best to head to your urgent care dentist and get a tooth extraction procedure to avoid more complications. 
  • Gum Disease or Periodontal: Like tooth decay, gum disease or periodontal is also due to the build-up of plaque and tartar on the teeth. When you’re experiencing gum issues, it could affect other teeth in the area, which causes the integrity of the gum and tooth to deteriorate as well. With that, tooth extractions may be needed to help preserve the surrounding healthier teeth. 
  • Trauma: Sometimes, when we get into an accident, our teeth get affected as well. So whether you get hit by a ball or get involved in a car crash, and your teeth get affected, it’s best to rush to your dentist. In most cases, to preserve your unaffected, healthy teeth, tooth extractions may be needed. 
  • Overcrowding: Tooth impaction can also cause overcrowding of the teeth, which can cause issues with your dental appearance, giving you a crooked smile. Not only that, but it can also lead to other dental complications further down the line, so it’s best to free up space through a tooth extraction and remedy the issue.

The Bottom Line: Book an Appointment with an Urgent Care Dentist You Trust

Dental procedures can be incredibly intimidating, but in whatever way, these procedures are necessary, even tooth extractions. While some get tooth extractions for preventative care, some need tooth extractions to save the integrity of their dental health. If you think you’re experiencing any of the dental issues above, it’s best to head over to your dentist and have your teeth checked to see if you need a tooth extraction. 

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