Teeth Discoloration: Common Causes and Prevention Tips

You do not have to go on an all-out shopping spree to look your best. You can indulge yourself in teeth whitening treatment. Your perfect smile will match any outfit and will never go out of style.

In this season of excess, how long will your perfectly white teeth last? Can you do this every day? You will get your pressing questions answered as we learn more about this service.

What Can Cause Tooth Discoloration?

The most obvious culprit would be food and beverages. Tea, coffee, and curry are some of the reasons for teeth discoloration. But you can easily wash the stain away by drinking water afterward.

Another reason for teeth discoloration is the erosion of our teeth’s outer layer. This phenomenon can lead to the exposure of the dentin underneath. Thus, making your teeth yellow because dentin is naturally yellow. 

How to Prevent Teeth Discoloration

Here are three simple ways you can prevent discolored teeth. 

Routine Cleaning

Some of us hate going to the dentist. Our loved ones might force us to visit one because of an emergency dental service. But it would be best if you faced your fear because your teeth problem may lead to complications.

Other than that, going for a routine dental checkup will guarantee whiter teeth. Your dentist can efficiently remove one of the leading causes of teeth discoloration, which is tartar. She can get rid of any buildup during your regular dental cleaning.

Use a Straw

Earlier, we mentioned some of the beverages that can cause discoloration. If possible, we should avoid them to prevent teeth discoloration. But if you find such feat humanly impossible, do not fret! We have the solution for you.

It would be best to use a straw when drinking tea, coffee, cola, wine, and other beverages that can stain your teeth. This way, the drink will not go through your teeth. Most importantly, drink water to wash it out.

Observe Good Oral Hygiene

Together with a regular checkup, observing good oral hygiene will prevent the need for emergency dental service. It will also keep your teeth white. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day.

The type of toothpaste that you use would also matter. Dentists recommend the use of products that contain fluoride because they prevent cavities. You can take things a notch higher if you use toothpaste with mild abrasives such as baking soda and activated charcoal. But use this sparingly because it can also lessen your enamel.

Do not forget to brush your tongue too! Doing this will kill off plaque-forming bacteria. Lastly, it would be best if you also used mouthwash. It will not only freshen your breath, but it will also improve your teeth’s appearance.


Your smile is your best accessory. It will not only boost your mood. But it can also infect anyone who happens to see it, so you should bring your smile anywhere you go.

If you feel unconfident about flashing your teeth, you should immediately seek out professional teeth whitening services in Utah. At Smart Dental Care, we guarantee that we can turn any frown into a smile. Come and visit us soon!