4 Simple Ways Make Your Ceramic Crowns Last Longer

Crowns are amazingly effective when it comes to repairing your smile, as they may be used to remedy a variety of aesthetic faults and give strength to teeth that have been compromised by disease or trauma. 

One of the best benefits of getting crowns is their longevity, and with appropriate maintenance, your new crowns may endure a long time. 

Knowing what precautions to take to avoid harm is crucial. Following these four easy tips may help guarantee that your crowns offer you years of beautiful smiles, whether you have one or numerous crowns. Read on to learn where you can find cosmetic dentistry in Utah.

Avoid Eating Sticky and Hard Meals

Crowns are durable and long-lasting, but they, like real teeth, may be damaged. Chewing on ice or hard sweets might cause your crown to shatter, crack, or break, necessitating a crown replacement sooner than usual. 

Sticky or chewy foods can also create issues by weakening or loosening your crown or trapping sticky parts between your crown and gums. As much as possible, stay away from these kinds of meals.

Brush and Floss Your Teeth 

Even if your crown is “artificial,” the tooth below it still needs regular and 24-hour dental care for them to stay healthy. Even though the crown covers the whole tooth surface, you must brush it carefully to remove sticky plaque coating and maintain it looking its best. Flossing is also essential since bacteria and food particles can still become stuck or caught between the crown and your gums or adjacent teeth.

You’ll be warned not to floss around it when you have a temporary crown (before your permanent crown) since it might dislodge it. On the other hand, your permanent crown is secured with a stronger dental cement, allowing you to floss around it like your other teeth. 

Even though your tooth is covered with a crown, you may still have sensitivity to hot or cold meals (this is normal). It’s fine to use a sensitive-tooth toothpaste if your teeth are sensitive.

Get Rid of Your Negative Habits 

Do you bite your nails? While you’re bored, do you chew on pencils, ice, or other hard items? When you’re anxious, do you grind your teeth? Use your teeth as “tools” to pry open difficult-to-open bottle caps? 

Stop as these practices cannot only ruin your crowns, but they can also shatter or chip your natural teeth. Furthermore, hard items might splinter and become caught between your gums, causing injury. 

If you’ve tried and failed to stop these behaviors previously, now is the time to try again. Not only will your gums and teeth thank you, but you’ll also be protecting your new crown’s investment.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

Every six months, routine checks and cleanings are necessary to ensure that the gums around the crown remain healthy and the supporting tooth. The urgent care dentist may also inspect your crown monthly to ensure it’s still “seated” and fitting properly, ensuring that it lasts for years.


Seeing a dentist can assist you in finding effective strategies to restore your smile and dental health. A crown can hide stains or discoloration, protect a weak tooth from further cracking, or hold a shattered tooth together. Whatever the cause, dental specialists may examine your teeth to see whether a crown might be beneficial to your oral health. 

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