Misconceptions about Root Canal Treatment You Should Ignore

Now that everything is instant, most people resort to replacing anything that goes worn out. When they have a broken phone or a damaged sofa, they usually opt for a replacement instead of getting things fixed. The same thing might be your mindset when it comes to your teeth problems.

Unfortunately, the sad fact is that teeth are not replaceable. Once they are damaged, they can never heal again. The good news is that root canals exist to help save your teeth.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that involves the removal of the tooth’s nerve and the surrounding infected tissue. It is necessary because of the existence of bacteria in the tooth’s root. If not removed, these microorganisms can cause severe pain and affect your ability to chew food, speak, and eat. 

The root canal process uses a tiny drill called dental endodontic files to clean the tooth’s canals and make room for the healing process of the tooth’s tissues.

Most people do not choose to undergo this treatment because of several misconceptions about it. Let this article debunk some of these common myths.

1: The Treatment Is Very Painful

Pain is a subjective experience. That means that if you have been a person who has done painful procedures to his teeth, you might have a different experience with root canal pain.

The truth is that if a professional is doing the treatment, then it can be painless. The experienced dentist works fast and accurately to make sure that you can get through the procedure without much pain.

Your dental specialist will always ensure you have a painless root canal procedure. Root canals may cause some discomfort during the process, but they are not supposed to be painful.

2: Instead of Getting Root Canals, Extracting Tooth Is Better

Sometimes, you just want to extract the tooth to get it over with. However, most of the time, dentists will say that root canals are your better option than having your teeth pulled.

Extracting a tooth would lead to the existence of gaps in your mouth. Bacteria will find it easier to get into the empty spaces, increasing the possibility of the infection returning. Because of this, the root canal is a much better way of managing the condition.

3: The Treatment Is Expensive

One of the reasons people avoid getting root canal treatment is that they think the procedure is too expensive to be worth the hassle. However, the reality is that root canals are not as expensive as you think.

Root canal treatment is far cheaper than extracting a tooth and replacing it with a prosthetic tooth. Replacing any dental part is more expensive than getting your root canal procedure done.

4: It Could Eventually Fail

All dental treatments have a low chance of failing, but it is crucial to understand that root canals are not a risky procedure. If it fails, it will most likely be due to the patient’s negligence in taking care of the tooth after the process. Your dentist will always advise aftercare for the tooth for one to two months before he will let you go.

5: It Is a Long Process

Don’t be afraid if you are told that it will be a long process. The truth is that root canals are not that long and tedious. Depending on the size of your teeth and the length of the canals, you will be able to handle everything in less than an hour.


Whatever your reason for not considering getting a root canal treatment might be, you should rethink and get one right away. After all, your teeth are way too important to risk losing them. We hope that this article serves as your guide on root canals. The treatment is not something that you should avoid. Having this treatment as soon as possible prevents further damage to your body, so reconsider your decision.

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