What You Should Know about Saving a Knocked-Out Tooth

Teeth can be knocked out for various reasons, mainly because of accidents involving a strong impact. It happens to many people, and it can happen to you when you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. But do not worry; you can still save a knocked-out tooth.

You can replace a tooth in its socket as long as you do the correct ways. If you care for your knocked-out tooth or see a dentist to treat it, here are things to remember.

First Thing to Do? Keep Calm

It is natural to be surprised when you get a tooth knocked out. But keep calm and proceed to do some basic steps. 

First, get a clean handkerchief or small cloth you can hold over the socket. Once you have done this, bite down and clench your jaws to add pressure. If it gets too painful, you can take some necessary medicine, but not aspirin, as it might worsen the bleeding.

You Have the Tooth. What Now?

Remember not to touch the root of the tooth. Check if the tooth is dirty. If it is, rinse it with milk or tap water. However, do not use a disinfectant to clean it and ensure it does not dry out.

You can also save a knocked-out tooth if you keep it in your cheek where it is in its rightful place. Try to do this until you get to an emergency dental treatment. If you can’t, submerge it in some milk until the dental aid comes.

You Can Replace a Knocked-Out Tooth If It’s Still Complete

A knocked-out tooth that’s still complete can still be saved and replaced in the socket as long as you do it immediately, particularly in under half an hour. But you should also note that you can still replace your teeth after an hour of being knocked out.

What If the Tooth Is Not Complete Anymore?

Do not try to put only part of the tooth back into the socket on your own. Your dentist will determine what ways they can still do to restore it for you. They will be conducting dental x-rays to check if the tooth has experienced any damage.

Go to Your Dentist Immediately

After getting a tooth knocked out, the best thing to do is call your dentist and get emergency medical treatment. Bring your knocked-out tooth with you to their office, following the steps mentioned earlier. 

They will check the gravity of the damage and see what they can do to put it back in the socket. If the tooth is already broken into pieces, your dentist might recommend you to get a false tooth instead. Listen to the options they will offer you and choose what you are comfortable getting.

What to Do to Prevent Getting Knocked Out Teeth

Knocked-out teeth can happen on different occasions, primarily those involving force and an impact that’s strong enough to knock them out. But of course, there are safeguards you can do to avoid this dilemma.

When participating in contact sports, it would be best to wear a mouthguard. If you see yourself in fights, avoid the mouth area because any kind of hard attack around it might knock out your teeth. 

Moreover, be very careful when driving a motor vehicle and wear the protective gear that goes along with it to avoid accidents. Refrain from eating hard food that might damage your teeth, like bones and tough bread.


Contact your dentist and schedule a medical appointment if you feel like something is already wrong with your teeth and need immediate help. Acting quickly to prevent damage to your teeth is the best way to save them and keep them intact.

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