3 Reasons Not to Go to an Emergency Room For a Toothache

Toothaches spike whenever you don’t expect them to. They cause intolerable pain, which causes the whole body to feel useless most of the time. Although some people feel better after drinking pain killers, most feel helpless even after a couple of medicines.

However, people shouldn’t treat toothaches as a medical emergency that warrants a trip to the emergency room. Aside from the fact that it isn’t an emergency, people experiencing toothaches may take up space much deserved for more severe medical cases. Therefore, why should people stop going to an emergency room for a toothache?

1. Emergency Dental Services Exist

Aside from over-the-counter medicines and painkillers, people also have access to emergency dental services at various dentists. Dentists take emergency patients during the nighttime. People who have a sudden toothache may find this valuable and informative.

Have you ever noticed that most dentist offices have emergency hours? The dentist is often closed on weekends or when people don’t expect them to be open. In other words, emergency hours in dental services are available and relatively accessible.

Unfortunately, this isn’t widely known to the general public because people are generally too busy to notice such details. They might have the time to go to the emergency room but not the time to go to a dentist or other dental services. However, people don’t realize that it’s much faster and less stressful to go to a dentist than to an emergency room.

2. If the Only Symptom is Pain

Most people don’t bother to go to the dentist when they have toothaches. But people go to the emergency room when their toothaches are unbearable and painful. However, they should consider that this is the perfect time to go to a dentist. If they hurry, they may get numbing medicine following a dentist appointment.

Numbing medicine works if a person will not undergo a dentist appointment and extraction simultaneously. But once people start getting numb, they need to go to a dentist quickly to save the tooth. It is the best way to deal with toothaches.

3. To Save Money

Going to the emergency room is costly. People sometimes can spend as much money as they spend on rent or utilities. People don’t want to spend money on various incidences. People will spend money on their health if they can benefit from it. However, they won’t spend money on something unnecessary. Emergency room visits can be avoided if people go to the right place at the right time. They’ll have access to the same treatments without spending a lot on it.


People should know that toothaches aren’t emergencies. There are services available for them in the form of a dentist’s office. People need to understand that a dentist can provide the same treatment as an emergency room without spending a lot on it. If a person schedules an appointment during regular office hours and doesn’t want to undergo treatment simultaneously, they can still benefit from numbing medication.

People should not be afraid to spend money on their health. But they shouldn’t spend money on their health if they don’t intend to benefit from it. They should not waste money on unnecessary treatments. People should schedule an appointment with their dentist or a dental services if they want to save money.

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