Common Reasons Your Dentures Could Be Causing Pain

Your dentures are supposed to help you get through your daily activities with more ease, so the last thing they should be doing is causing pain or discomfort.

It is a good idea to visit a dentist right away if you’re experiencing significant pain from your dentures. If you are feeling poorly even after general clinical hours, you can always visit an after-hours dentist to attend to your urgent concerns.

Of course, you may be wondering why your dentures are causing your grief in the first place. New dentures can cause some discomfort as your mouth adjusts, but the soreness should not last for too long.

If your dentures are causing pain, there are a few reasons this could happen.

1 – Bacterial Growth

If your dentures are causing you pain, it is possible that there are more bacteria growing in your mouth than usual. As your dentures are made of metal and plastic and have direct access to your saliva and plaque, any bacteria in your mouth could easily grow on your removable dentures.

When bacterial growth occurs, your dentures get yeast that can cause painful sores. It can be an even bigger problem if the sores don’t get treated and lead to an infection.

2 – Broken Dentures

If your dentures are causing pain, it is possible that they might have been damaged at some point. Check to see if your dentures have any cracks, chips, or pits.

Even if your dentures haven’t suffered any trauma or external stress that you think could cause such damage, normal use can also wear them down over time. It’s a good practice to replace your dentures every five or so years.

3 – Bone Resorption

Your jawbone is what keeps your dentures in place in order for them to remain functional. If you are having trouble with the fit, it could be because of bone resorption, or a decrease in bone mass and density.

You should get a dentist to check if you have bone resorption so they can refit you for dentures and prevent any further pain and damage in your mouth. They will need to determine the cause of resorption to give you the proper treatment.

4 – Ill-Fitting Dentures

A loose denture may cause discomfort or pain. You should not immediately assume that your denture is ill-fitting because it is loose, but you should check with a dentist to make sure that you don’t need a different denture that fits better.

On the other hand, your dentures may also be too tight. That also causes much pain and discomfort, so you’ll want to check if your gums are getting irritated or inflamed whenever you take them out. A dentist can also help to see if there are issues with the form of the dentures or some adjustments just need to be made.


No matter what reason may be causing your pain, it’s good to get yourself checked to make sure everything is in good shape. If you can’t make an appointment, 24-hour dental care is an option you can make use of. A dentist can then examine your mouth and dentures more thoroughly and get to the bottom of things.

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