The Best Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy during the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with merry celebrations that naturally draw you to the most delicious dishes and mouth-watering treats. You must be looking forward to sinking your teeth into soft pastries, juicy steaks, and more. 

However, digging into holiday goodies is not the only thing you should prepare for. Pay attention to caring for your teeth and gums during this season, and you will not have to worry about post-holiday toothaches or other oral problems. 

Follow our tips below to help you maintain your dental health and enjoy the festive break.

Allot Time for Eating Healthy Foods

We know that the holidays are perfect for indulging in your favorite treats, but this does not mean that you should forget about eating or drinking healthy foods and beverages. As you freely enjoy decadent meals, make sure to incorporate nutritious choices here and there. A serving of salad or fruits will not necessarily ruin your celebratory mood and allow you to care for your dental health at the same time. 

Carrots act as natural toothbrushes because they effectively fight off cavities. Cheese, apples, and leafy greens are other foods good for your teeth. 

Control Your Treat Intake 

Sweet, gummy, and sticky foods are the most common items on people’s holiday menus. And for a good reason! They are delicious and a favorite of both kids and adults. However, as much as it is impossible to steer clear of them during the holidays, you should be mindful of the amount you are eating or drinking. It is no secret that these treats can be harmful to your teeth and gums and make it harder for you to maintain excellent oral hygiene. 

Drink Plenty of Water 

You will likely drink a lot of alcoholic and sugary beverages during the holidays, so you need to make sure you are pairing them with plenty of water as well. We recommend drinking around 8 to 10 glasses a day and reminding yourself to drink a full glass before and after each meal. 

Water effectively washes away bacteria that may otherwise cause cavities and infections inside your mouth. It also helps curb unhealthy cravings and ensure proper digestion.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Much like avoiding excessive sweet intake, maintaining your oral hygiene is an essential aspect of caring for your dental health. You will be consuming foods and beverages that can damage your gums and teeth if left uncleaned. So despite the hectic holidays, you should never skip on your dental care routine. This includes brushing your teeth after every meal and flossing daily. 

Pair Your Alcohol with Cheese

Since drinking alcoholic beverages has always been a part of holiday celebrations, it is best to enjoy this activity in the healthiest way possible—with cheese! Alcohol can be harmful to your teeth, and cheese can neutralize its adverse effects. This is especially beneficial if you are indulging in a glass of wine since cheese naturally cuts the acid content of the beverage. 


As long as you practice restraint in eating and pay attention to caring for your dental health, there is no need to stop yourself from enjoying the special delicacies of the holiday season. After all, you do not want to gain unhealthy pounds or suffer from painful dental issues in the new year. 

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