Protect Your Dental Implant by Avoiding These Post-Operation

Dental implants are root replacements that secure a crown (cover) to prevent further tooth damage, loss, and jawbone deterioration. They mimic natural teeth and – as such – require the same kind of care even before the cover is placed on top. Some activities to avoid after this cosmetic dentistry procedure are:

Too Much Rinsing

A freshly-implanted dental screw will start to throb hours after the procedure. This is because the anesthesia will wear off and manifest the bruising. As such, do not rinse your mouth too much, as this can cause bleeding at the site. Simply move the solution around your mouth with gentle swishes and let it flow out of your mouth instead of spitting it out.


The point of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of one’s teeth. Therefore, smoking before, during, and after a dental implant procedure is counterintuitive to achieving that result. 

Puffing nicotine and chewing tobacco could affect the mouth’s healing process and negatively impact the installation of a crown in the following months. Plus, it stains your teeth, making the implant either stand out or discoloring your pearly whites altogether.

Dental implants are the best time to quit smoking, especially as you recover from the root replacement before your dentist places the crown.

Tough and Spicy Foods

Following this cosmetic dentistry procedure, you’ll need to go on a diet of soft, minimally-flavored foods for at least a week. Here’s why: with the affected area still recovering from bruising, it is vital to keep it clear from activity that will injure it further and prolong the healing process.

Additionally, bite and chew with the teeth opposite the implant site, so it recovers properly without additional pain or movement of the screw.


At least for a week, avoid intense physical activity to allow proper healing around the area. After this cosmetic dentistry procedure, the implant site will start throbbing as a sign of the anesthesia wearing out and the bruising manifesting. Working out increases blood flow throughout the entire body and, coupled with muscle contraction, will cause the gums on the implant site to bleed! 

Take the entire week off from working out just so your body has enough time to heal itself from the surgery. Observe it throughout the week and consult your dentist regarding its progress. Once they give you the go-ahead, you can get back to your workout routine.

Drinking Beverages via Straw

Patients coming from a post-op dental implant should not drink from a straw but continue to partake in beverages through their lips. The suction created when using a straw can remove the blood clot around the implant area (the reddish ring around the screw). Blood clots around the gums are important as it signals the area is healing properly after the procedure.

The absence of this blood clot results in a condition called dry socket. The area will ache even after a week and can give off a foul smell since healing has not occurred. If this happens, contact an emergency dentist immediately!

Touching the Operated Site

While mentioned last, this is perhaps the most basic rule for any dental post-procedure care. Never touch the implant site with or without gloves. The clot forming around it is essential for osseointegration. Any other bacteria it has to deal with takes away precious time for a full recovery. Just leave it alone. It’ll be right as rain in a week.

One Final Reminder

Dental implants are meant to improve your teeth’ looks and functions by restoring the root and placing a crown on top of them. Avoid doing these six things so that your pearly whites look as natural as possible without additional pain or damage to your newly-implanted tooth.

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