How to Make Your Kids Get Excited About the Dentist?

Did you know that dentists rank high among the things that children fear? Perhaps the same case is true for your child. But, even if they are afraid of the dentist, you need to make them come because it’s necessary for their dental health. 

Don’t worry; let’s take away their fear together. In this article, we will give you some tips about how you can make your child excited about the trip to the dentist so that it’ll be less scary for them and much easier for you. 

Let’s get to it! 

Tip #1: Use Positive Reinforcement to Calm Them Down and Promote Good Behavior

In case your child throws tantrums while you’re already at the dentist, the best way to calm them down is to use positive reinforcement. Don’t go along with their violent behavior. Instead, use positive voice modulation, encouraging and empathetic facial expressions, verbal praise, and appropriate physical demonstrations of affection to calm them down. 

You can also offer them some bribes, such as stickers, toys, balloons, and tasty but healthy treats. This way, they won’t feel bad about the trip, and they will be well-behaved during the visit.

Tip #2: Choose a Clinic with Kid-Friendly Amenities

Dentists are already scary for children. So, don’t make it a lot scarier for them by taking them to an adult dental clinic. As much as possible, take them to a clinic with kid-friendly amenities to keep them entertained. Also, ask the clinic if they can play your child’s favorite cartoon so they can feel at ease. Some clinics also offer complimentary beverages, games, and music headphones, so go for those clinics instead. 

Tip #3: Try the Tooth-Fairy Talk

Most kids are familiar with the tooth fairy. Who knows? It may be effective for your child, too! Consider trying it if you have already run out of options. If you’re not familiar with this myth, tell them that the tooth fairy is a gatherer of baby teeth that leaves behind exciting treasures for kids. Once they know about the tooth fairy, your child may look forward to getting their teeth cleaned at the dentist because they are expecting that the tooth fairy will reward them. 

Tip #4: Buy Them Some Fun Dental Care Products

Kids are easily attracted to nice things. If you want them to be interested in their oral health, buy them some fun dental care products. This way, they will always get excited about caring for their teeth because they have nice things to use. You can buy toothbrushes with their favorite cartoon characters, a mouthwash that turns plaque blue, chew tablets that highlight plaque, toothbrushes that play a song in their mouth, and many other cool things. Starting dental care at home will make them feel optimistic about visiting their dentist. 


Bringing your child to the dentist may be challenging, but you need to do it because it will be more difficult if their teeth develop cavities. Lack of dentist visits may also make their teeth unappealing as they grow, so make sure to pay attention to your child’s dental needs. To make dentist visits more manageable, follow our tips so that your kids will feel excited about it. 

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