Dentures – Why They’re a Good Idea for Oral Hygiene

Dentures are what a person needs when one or more teeth fall out. These cosmetic surgery tools replace fallen teeth, cover gaps, and restore function and aesthetics to your smile. But exactly when and why are they a good idea? We’ll tell you all about it in the following article!

Why Get Dentures

  • Adult teeth have fallen out or been lost to wear and tear.
  • Gum disease has ravaged your gum line and pearly whites.
  • The remaining teeth are loose.
  • Cavities have ravaged your teeth down to the root.
  • Extreme tooth sensitivity has made it hard to eat and drink with or clean them.

Not addressing the above concerns could lead to more than just lost teeth. The lack of pearly whites also impacts your jawline, deteriorating the bone underneath the gums, which creates the appearance of a sunken mouth.

Dentures do not have to encompass the upper and lower teeth. If only one area is affected by the above reasons, your dentist will create only one set! The only time a complete denture set is needed is when both upper and lower oral cavities show signs of decay or gum loss.

Other more practical reasons to get dentures include:

  • Affordability: One row of dentures costs between $300 to $500; a complete set ranges from $600 to $1,000. With dental insurance, you could get up to a 50 percent markdown on the cost, which means spending around $150 to $250 for one row and $300 to $500 for a complete set!
  • Versatility: Another benefit of dentures is that they are removable, used only during the day for conversations and meals with others. You can take them out at night and place them in a glass of water mixed with mouthwash to keep them clean and fresh-smelling.

If you prefer a more permanent solution, you can ask your dentist to anchor them with dental implants. This may depend on your gumline’s health, as there needs to be enough tissue for the implant to be placed. It could take around three months to a year to install, but either way, you still maintain your smile!

  • Functional Improvement: Sure, dentures bring back the pearly whites to your smile and restore self-esteem, but they do more than just make you look good! 

Missing teeth make it harder to pronounce letters that require the tongue, teeth, and air pressure to make solid pronunciations for the letters c, d, g, h, n, s, t, v, w, and z. Words composed of these letters will be hard to say, too! 

Dentures also bring back natural jaw alignment and chewing! Because they clasp at the gumline, the bones beneath the gums will no longer recede to give a shrunken mouth and lip appearance. You can also chew with confidence since they act just like natural teeth!

  • They Act and Look Like Natural Teeth: Perhaps the best reason for getting dentures is that they look and feel like natural pearly whites! They are made from acrylic, nylon, porcelain, resin, or metal to strengthen the framework and teeth portions. As such, they can bite and taste food like regular teeth without the risk of cracking or breaking. 

The materials mentioned above also render dentures extremely durable. Granted, they are only for eating and drinking, not as de facto tools for opening wrappers or other items.


Always consult with a dental professional before determining whether you need dentures or not. Their expert opinion could lead to a less costly, less significant option. A dental implant, extraction, or root canal may do, but just in case, seek a medical expert’s opinion.

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