Goodbye to Yellow Teeth: A Teeth Whitening Solution Guide

Most people dream of having pearly white teeth. But sometimes, no matter how much you brush your teeth, they remain yellow.

This article will explore the causes of teeth discoloration and the teeth whitening solutions available for you.

Reasons behind Teeth Discoloration

There are several causes for your teeth to turn yellow. Some of these factors include your food and lifestyle choices, plaque build-up, and thinning of the enamel.

Food Choices

Many types of food are highly pigmented. Their pigment will leave stains on your teeth. Over time, as you continuously consume these kinds of food, they will permanently stain your teeth and make them look yellow. 

Examples of common teeth-staining types of food include coffee, tea, red wine, cola, cherries, blackberries, tomato-based sauces, and curries.

Lifestyle Choices

Smoking and using tobacco products are two of the most common reasons for teeth discoloration. The nicotine and tar in these items stain the teeth permanently.

Plaque Build-Up

Most dentists will look for signs of plaque build-up if you complain about yellowing teeth. Plaque is a layer of food residue, acids, saliva, and bacteria that forms on the surfaces of teeth as a result of poor oral hygiene. 

When they accumulate, they don’t only leave your teeth looking yellowish, but they can also cause teeth cavities and gingivitis.

Thinning of the Enamel

The tooth has a white enamel layer and a yellowish dentin layer. Enamel is its outer layer, while dentin is the one below it. 

If you enjoy acidic and sugary food and drinks, the acid and sugar in them will react with the bacteria in your mouth to eat away the enamel in your teeth. This is why you should consume soft drinks, cakes, citrus, alcohol, and other food and beverages in moderation.

Teeth Whitening Solutions

If you have discolored teeth, there is no need to fret. There are various methods that can help you remove the yellow hue from your teeth.

Dental Cleaning

A dental cleaning is ideal when the primary cause of teeth discoloration is plaque build-up. A good dental cleaning from your dentist or dental hygienist can leave your teeth looking whiter.

Tooth Whitening

Often, in-office dental whitening procedures involve teeth bleaching using FDA-approved teeth bleaching gels. The active ingredients in the gel will break the chemical bond between the stain and your tooth’s enamel layer. 

In essence, this process strips away the stain and reveals whiter teeth.

Dental Crowns

When enamel thinning and damage causes discoloration, dental crowns may be the most appropriate solution. Dentists place dental crowns over your teeth to restore, protect, and cover the teeth while brightening your smile along the way.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin, shell-like porcelain materials designed to cover up flaws on the front surfaces of teeth. Often, they are used to correct minor teeth misalignments, gaps, cracks, fractures, chips, and more. 

Aside from addressing these dental issues, dental veneers can whiten teeth and keep them that way.


Teeth discoloration is a common dental issue worldwide. If you have this problem, there is no need to worry. There are teeth whitening solutions to help you brighten your smile.

But remember that one of the best ways to combat teeth discoloration is through the practice of proper dental hygiene. Don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly to decrease the risk of staining. Visit your dentist at least twice a year, too, for a check-up or a thorough dental cleaning.

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